Saturday, 31 January 2009

Transfer window: 54 hours to go

  • The Daily Mail says that we're close to signing Kolo Touré for £15million. I'd presumed that moving Kompany to centre back would mean that we didn't need another defender, but it may be that Kompany-Touré rather than Kompany-Dunne is the preferred long term partnership.
  • Rumours in The Times that Sunderland have made a bid for Tal Ben Haim. After his not being on the Tenerife training camp - presumably as a punishment for going behind Hughes' back to complain about him to Garry Cook - he clearly doesn't have much of a future at City.
  • Someone who I really hope does have a future at City is Danny Sturridge. The Sun says that Portsmouth want him on loan, and The Mirror seems to have a 'Sturridge to Villa' story at least once a week. I'm actually getting rather anxious about this - he can go where he wants on a Bosman in the summer. Let's hope this is just his agent milking us for money.

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