Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Craig Bellamy rumour round up

  • The Guardian: £9.2m bid turned down, we will go back, may have to go as high as £16m to get him.
  • The Independent: West Ham want £15m, City may well go back. Zola has final decision.
  • The Times: City are expected to sign him for £12m some time this week, currently preparing a new bid. Our second bid was £9.5m.
These constant rumours of underwhelming signings and failed bids for them is pretty depressing. I wish all signings were like Vincent Kompany's - nothing in the press, and then announced on Hamburg's website. Confirmed on mcfc.co.uk the next day. Actually, I wish all players we signed were like Vincent Kompany too.

Twenty days to go.....


M9NY said...

We could do with his guts and determination, something we are well short of at present. Under the circumstances I think he would be a good January addition. Tell WHU if they throw in Parker too, we'll give em 20mill and Evans. If they will take Vassell too, we'll make it 25mill.

tommytheblue said...

Guts determintation, poor injury ratings, lack of goals, and the personality of a C**t.

Throw scott parker in aswell, becasue he too has an exceelent injury record, he was also outclassed at chelsea, hasn't hit any form since he left chartlon.

I'd rather we went for zola upfront.