Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Back to football

I wrote on January 1 about what we needed in the transfer window.

In this order: a centre forward, a central midfielder, a centre back, a left back and a goalkeeper.

Now that the Kaká distraction has come and gone (we need to leave it behind us now, I am quite sure that we will not) the club must stick to its original plans. Of the requirements above we have met two (Bellamy and Bridge), and are soon to meet the second - Nigel de Jong.

So we still need a centre back urgently and probably a goalkeeper too. We can help solve the defensive problem by buying another midfielder, thus allowing Vincent Kompany to play at centre half in future. But another box to box midfielder - Parker, Palacios, etc - would be good.

And if ADUG really want a marquee signing up front would be best. Bellamy might turn out to be ok, but he's not really the man to bring the best out of Robinho.


M9NY said...

I sincerely hope they're not, but if the rumours are true about Robinho's vanishing act, I would give serious consideration to the possibility of doing a deal for Drogbha plus cash/Alex before the window closes. Robinhos talent is undoubted, however I dont think he is the full shilling. Given the lads previous, If we start to pander to a brats ego, its only a matter of time before the dressing room completely implodes. Best bet is to nip it in the bud and strike while the iron is hot for the out of favour Drogbha. Also, 3-45 million pound bids for Ribery, Diego and Aguero would go a long way to erasing the Kaka debacle from the Collective Memory. As for a Goalie, why NOT Buffon? If we could be the Club to get rid of Robinho at the first sign of dissent AND capture these Marquee signings, would that not be a bigger statement of intent than the signing of Kaka alone? It would also have the added bonus of sending a message to the dressing that NOBODY is bigger than the Club and insubordination will not be tolerated.

Don said...

Off topic, I know...but what is the deal with Michael Johnson?!?!?

BluePeter said...

M9NY... agree with you.

It seems these Brazilians are more trouble than they are worth; give me a cocky Dutchman, arrogant German or cheesy Italian anyday.

1. Goalkeeper to take some of the pressure off Hart, help his development as well as giving us some much needed confidence at the very back in what is proving a very difficult season - Given? Not yet.

2. Left-back - Bridge, check

3. Central defender? Not yet.

4. Ball winning, defensive midfield yard-dog? De Jong? Not yet.

5. Strong target man up front, guy who has height, power, pace, a good shot, can head the ball, be in the right place at the right time and can take it and dish it out? RSC? That big Austrian geezer? Not yet. However, we do have Craig 'Ballesteros' Bellamy, so not quite.

So there we have it, a debatable 1.5 out 5 with 10 days of the window to go

Let's get on with using that time to complete our shopping list.

If that means flogging Robinho then so be it. No player is bigger than the team - except maybe maybe Kaka... or Messi... or....

jfell said...

No more failed Marquee signing attempts please! If we were to be rejected by any of Buffon, Villa et al it could make us "unjoinable" by any big players in the future for fear of ridicule. Arshavin, Ribery, Given and Podolski would take the taste away.

Gary said...

I sincerely hope he gets a fine for acting like this its a piss take to the fans , hes on £160,000 a week !!!!

Ps you get a mention ! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ7cnD-V9C8