Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Thoughts on the Kaká bid

So it seems like ADUG weren't kidding. As incredible as the Robinho deal was - Brazilian regular, British transfer record and all that - there was a sense that it was only possible due to a very particular set of circumstances.

Any deal for Kaká would be much more remarkable than the Robinho transfer. In a purely financial sense, for a start. The fee mentioned - €100million, or £91m, would be almost double the current record (in Sterling, if not in Euros). As big as the Robinho fee was, it was only a few million more than what Chelsea paid for Shevchenko or United for Berbatov in recent years.

In a football sense, too. Kaká is a better and higher profile player than Robinho. He won the Champions League in 2007, and then the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year too.

The real reason we could get Robinho is that Real Madrid were willing to sell. But Kaká is very much a valued player at Milan. That is why it takes a fee as obscene as £91million, to get a top club to part with one of their top players.

We'll see how this resolves itself soon enough.


BluePeter said...

As happy as I am at the prospect of Ricardo Izecson dos Santos signing for God's own club, I do hope he doesn't mind playing left-side central defence, defensive midfield or in goal should the need arise.
Unless of course Sparky's steely resolve and finely honed brinkmanship is already acquiring further Galacticos or seasoned Premiership stormtroopers with which to see off the distant prospect of relegation, get us into the top eight and bag the UEFA Cup title into the bargaining.

Then next season we can set about silencing Taggart and his legions of SRBs and re-write the football world map.

But for now, Right-on, PC-proper Coronation Street producers not withstanding, I would pray to the nearest cross if we could land another Kompany along with a Terry, Buffon and a selection of tasty striking options.

Let the bargaining continue!

Wigan Blue said...

I just hope all these attention grabbing headlines don't put Villa off coming to Eastlands. We should remember where our bread and butter is coming from...

BluePeter said...

... when do we play them?

Gary said...

Its the stuff of dreams, and Kaka will attract all the other worlds best players, trouble is we need to sign them NOW ! while sparky is trying to sign has-beens like bellamy send Cooke out with the magic chequebook to buy up 6 more superstars.

trinder said...

I'm glad we didn't buy Kaká, if as it seems the attempt has failed. Nothing breeds disharmony like wage imbalances and one is enough for now. It's as well that Robinho is performing because he's getting 3 times the wages of the next highest earner.
But I am glad that City tried to buy Kaká. It announces the club's intention to get the finest players and not to blink at any price. Villa, Diego, Eto'o, Ramos (oh please sign Ramos), Toulalan, Toure 1 & 2, maybe even Messi, Aguero and Fabregas, they all know now that this isn't a joke.
I don't suppose we were ever close to even serious talks with Milan, let alone the player but there's no doubt about it, our standing has risen in the last 24 hours.