Sunday, 18 January 2009


Richard Dunne is now the joint holder of the Premier League record for both own goals and red cards.

He has six Premier League own goals, and is joint with Frank Sinclair and Jamie Carragher at the top.

And after yesterday's shameful kick on Amr Zaki he has 8 Premier League red cards: equal with Duncan Ferguson and Patrick Vieira.


Football 足球 The language of the beautiful game said...

If I got elbowed in the back of the head like that by that dirty cunt I'd find it hard to control myself also...Zaki got away with murder at the JJB also leading with his elbows, a observation which was lost on most yesterday...this was a bit of afters.

Although Dunne had to go and is now jointly the most sent off player in Prem history, I can think of at least 2/3 that were never a sending off...referee alsogives lots against him because of his sheer size and brute strength.

James said...

I agree with Football 足球 The language of the beautiful game

Zaki is a total dirtbag and elbowed Dunne in the head at least twice. To compound matters, after Dunne retaliated Zaki rolled around on the ground like someone had tazered him, thus leaving the ref little choice but to show red.. If I were Mark Hughes I would be studying videos of the game and preparing a dossier on Zaki's antics to present to the FA with a view to appealing the length of the ban if not the ban itself.

I cannot recall a more biased display by a ref since the fantasy penalty won by Cantona at Maine road in the FA cup all those years ago. Robinho will bear the scars of his rough treatment by Wigans Prop forwards and Fly halves for a very long time, yet he ended up with a yellow card?!

The icing on the cake for me though, was Steve the elephant man having the temerity to suggest that the ref favoured City!

As disgraceful as steve bruce is, I guess it should be remembered that he learned everything he know from the master of prevarication, Bacon-face.