Thursday, 15 January 2009

Kaká round up

In essence:
  • AC Milan are not going to turn down €100million.
  • Kaká could turn down £500k/week, but not because it's not enough money.
  • He needs to be convinced that we are as ambitious as we claim.
  • We will attempt to argue our case in a series of meetings, led by Sheikh Mansour/Garry Cook/Mark Hughes/Robinho (delete as applicable).
In detail:

The Daily Mail have Ian Ladyman and Matt Lawton on this for Thursday's paper:
City remain confident that the astonishing deal will go ahead and suggest Kaka may be in their team for the home league game against Newcastle on January 28.

The club have already been in regular contact with Kaka's father, having recognised from the outset that he has been very influential at every stage of his son's career. Meanwhile, City's current superstar Robinho has been in regular phone contact with his compatriot and has told manager Mark Hughes that Kaka is ready to come to Manchester.

The Independent have a similar team: Ian Herbert and Jason Burt on their article.

However, City had been left with the firm impression that the deal was "99 per cent done" and the statement detailing Tuesday's meeting, published late that night on the website of the media empire of the club's owner and Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was approved by Berlusconi, both clubs and their advisers and agents. It appeared to point to the 72-year-old's willingness to see Kaka leave the club. One more twist could have been added by fact that Berlusconi is attempting to drum up publicity for the website, Sport Mediaset, which he wants to convert into a news channel.
And The Times' new 'Football Correspondent' Oliver Kay has this to say:

Contrary to the indications given yesterday, when he talked of his ambition to “grow old with Milan”, Kaká has told his agent, Diogo Kotscho, and Galliani that he may well accept City’s offer if the conditions are right. These apply not only to his wages, which would be worth £13.6 million a year after tax, but also to Milan’s acquiescence and the legitimacy of City’s plans and ambitions.

Sources indicated last night that he would demand an escape clause that would allow him to leave City for a predetermined fee at the end of the 2009-10 campaign if the club had not qualified for the Champions League.


Col B said...

This is truly mesmerizing stuff. Joe Royle has a point about the ethics of such an obscene amount of money, but, hey, we've suffered long enough...sod it: I pray he comes. Imagine Kaka linking up with Vass', Robinho. Mouth-watering!

Wigan Blue said...


"Yet still a puritanical determination to resist pleasure continues. We have become spoiled by our easy access to greatness, by the fact we can turn on the television and view the finest players from around Europe every week. We have forgotten what a thrill, what a privilege it is to then see those same players in the flesh.

If Kaka comes to Manchester, English football will need only Lionel Messi for the full set. This is a unique moment in the history of our game and how stereotypical of us to find a reason to carp. Kaka, Ronaldo and Fernando Torres may be coming to town. Oh, woe. "

From the Daily Mail - who don't have much time for City, this is good stuff. As for the ethics - give me a break - it wasn't unethical, or 'ruining football' when it was Chesea, Man U, Arsenal or Liverpool who were breaking all records. And everybody nodded sagely when Zidane went to Real for the world record fee. As a blue I'm really loving this!