Monday, 12 January 2009

£9m not enough for Bellamy

West Ham turned down our £9million bid for Craig Bellamy today. This was increased from our initial £7.5m (as part of £15m total for Bellamy and Scott Parker).

The chase continues.


simon said...

I don't know if it's just me but the transfer window seems to be going quite badly. On the one hand we are linked with various top European players who I doubt will come while we're struggling. On the other hand, we are being held to ransom over a motley mix of Premiership players who might be OK but are worth nowhere near the sums quoted for them - £20m for Roque Santa Cruz?

And what's going on with Johnson? Rumours about his departure seem to have followed rapidly on the heels of the story about a squad player complaining to Cook about Hughes and being told he would never play for City again....

I for one would be sorry to see Johnson leave.

Ben said...

Talk about being held to ransom.....we need to look elsewhere, and quick. Neither Bellamy or RSC (especially RSC) are worth the money being mentioned.
Our next four games will see us shift up the table pretty well if we get the right results.

I just don't think we can get those results with some of the players we've currently got.

Gary said...

Mark Hughes is being held to ransom for mediocre trouble makers and has-beens not just because we are rich but also because they know Hughes is desperate to save his job and cant risk buying players that he might not be able to control with his legendary man management skills, thats why his vision and ambition in the transfer window only stretch as far as 28 year old middle of the road tat from struggling premiership clubs.