Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Marcotti claims Trojan horse tactics

This is funny.

Gabriele Marcotti, The Times' Italian football expert, has a good article about the events surrounding the Kaká meetings on Tuesday.

He claims that Cook and Joorabchian met Adriano Galliani, Ariedo Breida and Ernesto Bronzetti (all senior AC Milan officials) on the official business of reaching a deal for Milan 'keeper Dida. It was only in the meeting that they changed topic to Kaká.

He goes on to suggest that while neither Kaká nor AC Milan are particularly keen on the deal, the money may be so much that it goes through.


M9NY said...

Its all starting to get a little surreal. I keep expecting the alarm clock to go off and I'm going to wake up back in Blackley and its 1975. This is MY Manchester City we're talking about yeah? Surely this is just a huge pisstake right? Did any of us think we would live long enough to see any of this without certain mind altering, er... medications? The only thing that gives this whole Kaka to City thing any credibility at all is the fact that we are going for Bellamy too. Only MY Manchester City could bid for Kaka AND Craig Belamy on the same day, IT MUST BE TRUE!!! I really hope it is as I had a really shitty job in 1975. Love this GREAT site by the way. You are constantley the first to offer the best and most valid links. You write well and you do it all with good humour, something sadly lacking in a lot of seemingly agenda driven City related Sites these days. Besides any one who is a fan of City AND Bobby D is alright with me.

simonk said...

I completely agree. The best site for links (particularly to the independent - keep it up, Jack) and quality of writing

JPB said...

Thanks M9NY and Simon.

BluePeter said...

M9NY - laughed out loud at your post, it is so spot on.
We thought we'd strike fear into the heart of the football establishment when we flashed the cash for Steve Daley, well maybe now they'll take us seriously with Kaka in tow.
It should help us bring in more world-class players - oh, by the way, I believe that David Beckham maybe be looking for another contract after his loan spell with AC ends.
Only problem is I don't think he'd get in the team, what with the likes of Vassell, Benjani and Caicedo already in place.

The title's yours this season Taggart and chums, but beware, the blue tide is turning...