Thursday, 22 January 2009

Henry? Drogba??

Two rumoured moves for ageing French speaking forwards tonight: Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba.

The Henry story - reported by Ian Herbert and Oliver Kay (strong indicators of veracity) - is that he is to be one of our main targets next summer. Garry Cook has decided against another bid for a marquee signing this January, but sees Henry as perfect for the summer. This seems perfect to me: he is a big enough name to satisfy the marketing aspect of the galactico purchase, and - as he is busy proving this season - has still got it as a footballer. When the 2009/10 season starts he will just be turning 32, but I'd still love to see him at City.

Regarding Drogba, I'm less sure. It's in The Sun, who do not have much a track record with City, and The Daily Mail - but not by their resident City expert Ian Ladyman. Apparently we're going to make an approach - and will ask Chelsea to 'name their price'. Shaun Custis just uses it as an excuse to bring back 'Robinho to Chelsea' rumours. Drogba has shown recently that, formidable though he was for Mourinho, he is a disruptive influence under managers he does not respect. What exactly would be the point in throwing in another anti-Hughes influence into an already volatile dressing room?

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