Saturday, 10 January 2009

Portsmouth game called off

If you don't have undersoil heating you don't deserve to be in the Barclays Premier League.

Oh well, this is much better news for us than it is for them. We probably would have started with roughly this team: Hart; Bridge, Dunne, Richards, Zabaleta; Kompany, Hamann, Fernandes; Sturridge, Caicedo, Vassell. I don't know when it will get re-scheduled for, but we'll have Robinho, Ireland (who will serve his suspension next week I guess), SWP plus of course whoever we sign. How about Hart; Bridge, Dunne, Richards, Zabaleta; Kompany, Ireland, Parker; Robinho, RSC, SWP? And that's being cautious.

Pompey fans will tell us, though, that they're missing players through injury and have plans to spend the Diarra and Defoe monies. But even if they get Pape Bouba Diop and Richard Hughes back and even if they sign Benjani and Edu and Joey Barton and Gary O'Neil they'd still be a bit shit.

So it could be that this cancellation plays in our, and Hughes' favour. I wouldn't have backed us to get anything from the game today, which would really have put Sparky under pressure. But with more time spent doing training and transfers, we're only going to get stronger. Wigan at home next week is huge though.


Russpfc said...

You arrogant prick lets hope all city fans aren't up their own arse like you!

tommytheblue said...

pompey deserve a massive a fine a and points fine for being stingy fuckwits.

No undersoil heating is poor! it clearly does work thats why the proper grounds in the league don't stuggle when i dips below freezing.

Having a large canvas on a pitch, and blowing loads of heat under it, is woeful! it was done too late on a already frozen pitch and it clearly doesnt work, as it couldnt reach the middle of the pitch.