Sunday, 25 January 2009

McGarry's claims

Danny flags up Ian McGarry's bold claims about MCFC on Sunday Supplement this morning:
We were discussed quite extensively on Sky Sports 'Sunday Supplement' this morning, amongst other things discussing Richards. Ian McGarry from The Sun was on the programme and struck as being very 'anti-City'. Remarkably, he suggested that Richards needs to leave the club in order "to get more games". During the programme, he also stated it was well known that Mark Hughes would not be in charge next season and that Robinho was "desperate" to leave the club - so much so that he has come back from Brazil early in order to try and engineer a move.
He's absolutely right: McGarry was firing off all these anti-City stories throughout the show. The most notable was that the whole 'Abramovich has run out of money' story is false and that he will prove this buy signing Robinho this week. He later said that Robinho had been promised that Hughes would be out by the summer. I tend to be a bit wary of Mark Hughes' suggesting that there are people with a vendetta against the club - it always sounds so lame - but when you hear stuff like this you see what he means.

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gv singing the blues said...

Totally agree with the article having watched the programme myself. Another point I noticed about the programme was the opinion of the press guys on the show saying it would have been wonderful to have seen a top player like Kaka plying his trade in the premier league and well done City for trying, This was the same press who last week claimed we were ruining football with our attempts to get Kaka!. I guess we should not be surprised to learn that you need no integrity to have a role in the media these days.