Saturday, 3 January 2009

City 0 - 3 Forest

  • We started without Robinho and Ireland, and were quickly shorn of our third good attacking player, as SWP hobbled off injured. But Forest are 21st in the Championship! Elano, Caicedo, Sturridge and Vassell aren't our best players but they should at least be able to score at home against opposition like this.
  • So we've crashed out of both domestic cups at the first hurdles, against weak opposition in both cases. Our squad has really struggled to cope with the burden of European competition: since the win in Omonia we've followed each European game with four losses (Liverpool, Spurs, Man Utd and WBA) and a draw (Fulham). So we can do without the extra games.
  • But I really thought this was the year! The competitive title race, all of the big four still in Europe, our ability to beat anyone on their day - it was all there. Oh well - roll on next year.
  • Huge game at Fratton Park in seven days time. We'll be without Ireland. I really hope we'll have Robinho and SWP. Plus lots of lovely new signings.


BluePeter said...

After watching today's pathetic display against Forest I beleive the following actions need to be taken:

1. Bin Elano - now.
His unprofessional, disrespectful attitude disgusts me. Sell, him, drop him, I don't care, just never let him where a City shirt again.

2. Micah Richards needs to be taught a very important football lesson - it doesn't matter how good you think you are, unless you show it on the pitch you don't deserve a place on the team.
No communication with the rest of the back five, no apparent interest either. Making the easiest, shortest pass possible, even if it drops the intended receiver in it, smacks of either a bad attitude, selfishness or both.
Drop him or get rid of him, either way he shouldn't be picked again until he has decided to play as part of a team and not for himself.

3. We need a leader on the pitch; Richard Dunne is not that man so take the captaincy off him. I would make Kompany skipper.

4. Sacking Hughes is not the answer. He needs to be given at least a season in charge of his team before he should be judged. This was always going to be a season of transition. Sustained success takes time to build, so give him the time.
'But by then we could be relegated!' - we have to take that chance, otherwise we will have had 11 managers during the time Taggart - 'they're all agin us' - has been in charge of Stretford Athletic.

Onward and upward, keep the faith.

Anyone want to join me in booking flights or the UEFA Cup Final in Istanbul?

JPB said...

I agree with pretty much every word of that. Cheers, BluePeter