Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Team for Newcastle?

This is a new hi-tech tool I'm trying out on the blog: post-it notes. Let me know what you think. Will this be the team for the Newcastle game? Ought it to be the team for the Newcastle game?


tommytheblue said...

someone has too much time ont heir hands.. hahah nice work

RICHARD said...

Looks the likely side to me, I'd love to see Nedum have a run in the side in Dunne's absence and hope he can stay fit. Elano was MOM for me against Wigan so a bit unlucky if he loses out.

James said...

Good team selection, certainly doesn't look fragile, but Newcastle will have to handle it with care.

Superbia in Praelia said...

Correct... well played sir

I also agree that Elano had a good game against Wigan but we need the extra steel that a DeJong + Zabaleta/Kompany partnership will have in midfield. I would also like to see Sturridge have a run in the team if anything to prove that he is in Hughes' plans and lead him towards signing a new contract. Put him on in the 70th and watch him hit the winner!

PS: I feel a lot more confident about this game having Bridge line up against Gutierrez rather than the woeful Ball...

tommytheblue said...

yes i would pick elano, on his day he is brilliant, his passing ripped wigan apart. dropping him would be unfair.

coolbeat said...

This made me laugh. Excellent looking team though.
I really appreciate your blog, this is where I come when I want to have a sensible view what is going on at City.

jfell said...

Looks good although I wouldn't be surprised to see Elano instead of De Jong.

Loving the new formation display technology you've implemented on the blog - thinking outside the box!?!

(Sorry, thats terrible)

Danny Pugsley said...

Have to agree, and it looks a solid lineup. The only question being whether Elano starts and Zabaleta lines up at right-back?

Bad news then for Onouha, or perhaps Richards?

Bluephill said...

I'd play Zabaleta at right back, put Elano in midfield and drop Richards. Dropping him might be the kick up the arse that he needs!

TPB said...

Whilst I don't think it's a bad idea to move one out of Dunne and Richards out of CB, I don't know about moving both, especially the number of times Kompany and Onuoha have played together.

I think Richards is easier to drop than Dunne (given that he's captain). But I don't think we should drop Richards as he needs first team assurances with him being linked with EPL clubs all the time. What I would like to see us play is

De Jong---Zabaleta---Ireland

Although I agree with an earlier poster, it is a little harsh on Elano.

trinder said...

You're all miles away. It's going to be:
Mills-Glauber-Ben Haim-Ball

malcylon said...

Loving the post-it notes! Some will be more re-usable for future games than others. Difficult choice on Elano but would like to see him get a run and a goal or two. Could be key for rest of the season.

CassanovaFly said...

That looks like the likely team to me. I would much prefer to see Richards & Kompany play together though as this could be the likely centreback for years to come. You have to give Sturridge games, its te only way he's going to get better, and more importantly stay at the club

I'd try and put players in their best position; my team would be
Zabaleta Richards Kompany Bridge
De Jong
Ireland Elano
SWP Sturridge Robhnho

tom goulding said...

absolutely spot on with the confirmed line-up. well played.