Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Vincent Kompany : Future captain

How good is this? It's what Vince said on being awarded the Thomas Cook December Player of the Month:
Well it’s a pleasure to win the award. It was not really something I was expecting or even aware of the fact that there was this Player of the Month trophy. I’m more a player for the team, so all the other players in the team can win this award every single month and I don’t have a problem, as long as we win games and my hard work is rewarded by their goals. That’s what is most important for me.
Of course, he wouldn't be so self-effacing about winning Player of the Month trophies when he finally picks up the much more presitigious 'TLDORC Player of the Month', which has evaded him thus far. (Check out the 'Monthly Awards' box down the right hand side of the page).

Kompany is probably our most articulate and thoughtful player. I would like our next captain to be someone to come through the City Academy - not just for sentimental reasons but because 'club men' like Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Carlos Puyol etc genuinely make very good captains. But if Micah Richards and Michael Johnson have 2009s like their 2008s they won't even be City players by the time Richard Dunne is, as a friend rather heartlessly put it, 'moved on to the glue factory.'


BluePeter said...

JPB - a fellow football thinker! make Big Vin skipper now, I say.

He has everything needed of a leader: size, pace. power, commitment, passion, positioning, vision, determination, dedication, humility, eloquence, better English than Dunney, and perhaps most importantly, experience, leadership and youth.

Please Mr Hughes, Mr Cook and Mr Aldridge sirs, may we have some more of him?

Consider my cap doffed and my forelock well and truly tugged.

Gary said...

I agree I think Kompany will/should be captain soon, cant wait to see him shouting at Kaka ! :P

Wont be in Hughes tenure though as I honestly don't think he has the balls or the vision to take the captaincy off Dunney-babes, have to wait until the summer then.

tommytheblue said...

dunne is a poor leader. Like you mention the likes of gerrard lead by example, they are very vocal on the pitch and simply exert the qualities needed to lead a side. Vincent has a very mature head for his age. He always perfroms and tries to get the team together. He has the right values to represent the club, i dont think any of our grads would be up to the job. Richards perhaps if he grew up a bit and coped better with the pressure could be a good leader on and off the pitch.