Thursday, 22 January 2009

What could have been

Fascinating stuff from Daniel Taylor and Ian Herbert about players that we tried to sign already. Interestingly enough, it's all the names that appeared in the papers: David Villa, Lassana Diarra, Gigi Buffon, Joleon Lescott, Yaya Touré, Mikel Arteta etc etc.

Two interesting bits though: the first names Hughes gave to ADUG when told of the money available were Valencia's Davids Villa and Silva. But we were quoted £130million and decided against it.

Hughes wanted Tévez but the board feared he would be unpopular with the fans. He certainly wouldn't be unpopular with me.


BluePeter said...

I think it is pretty obvious we are being lambasted in the media for one thing - daring to dream and then having the audacity to believe we can turn those dreams into reality.

It has dawned on me that the particularly loathsome and boring SRT (Smug Rag T**t) in the office is enjoying getting arise out of me because deep down he is now beginning to realise that possibly, just possibly, City are stirring and have the financial power, desire and wherewithall to break the monopoly that the Big Four have enjoyed for far too long.

So I think we should not give a hoot about how much a player is going to cost or which club he comes from if he is going to improve our team.

Yes, lay down a marker or two and let clubs know we will go only so far where overblown fees are quoted, but in certain circumstances if a player will make so much of a difference we will go for them. But let's not run before we can walk; let's get the base of a solid defence and midfield and strikers who can score before we start lashing out on Glacticos.

We cannot ignore the fact we are the poor relations in terms of image and that we have to overcome that before we can really begin to tempt the Kakas of this world.

We will have learned several valuable lessons in this transfer window and maybe, just maybe, Garry Cook and Mr Aldrige along with Sparky and the owner will have created enough interest to make the powers that be start to sit up and take notice, because we will not go away. We will learn and we will improve.

Tomorrow is another day and I look for to it with skyblue tinted sunglasses because now I know I can dream and those dreams can become reality... even the SRT in the office cannot wipe the smile off my face.

Simon said...

Tevez wouldn't upset me at all - I would gladly see him pulling on the blue of City. As for the media, I know I shouldn't let it wind me up, but it does get to me when you see the headlines about City failing with this bid and that bid - and they seem to take delight in the fact that people are turning us down. This will change. With the right mix of established Premiership players (and yes, I'm including Bellamy) and our current squad, we WILL climb the table - and then the bigger names will take us seriously in the summer, and from then on, the sky's the limit. "Keep The Faith" I keep telling myself! CTID

tommytheblue said...

From what i heard, tevez made outrageous contract demands...we told himto sod off. He would of been a better bet than bellamy. We also have Kia Joorabachien on our team which would of made it all the more easy to complete.