Thursday, 15 January 2009


Whenever a side overpays for an average player, wits often pipe up with:

"But if [average player] is worth [their transfer fee], then how much is [quality player] worth??"

West Ham have turned down £10m for Craig Bellamy. They want £15m.

If Bellamy is 'worth £15m' - that is, if we pay that much for him - then people will ask how much World Cup, Champions League and Ballon d'Or winners are worth. And we now have an answer: €100million.


M9NY said...

100 mill not only gets you Kaka but it also gets you past the velvet rope and a seat at the Billionaires top table. Kaka, Robinho and the money that bought them will get us admission to this most exclusive of cliques, and pretty soon will allow us access to the worlds finest talent along with the Madrids, Barcas, Milans and, dare I say it, our poor cousins down the road in salford. His Highness doesnt seem to be the kind of guy to piss around, and he appears to have just thrown our hat into the ring. Its going to be an interesting couple of weeks. As a great man once said ."The times they are a changin'". 32 Years, are'nt you glad you're still here?

jfell said...

Just back from China on business and Kaka was EVERYWHERE! Airports, high streets, kids shirts and TV. And the shirt in every sports shop window...Chelsea!!!