Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tuesday transfer rumours

Nothing on Lúcio, but still one or two points of interest this morning.

The first concerns the player whom Lúcio would presumably replace - Richard Dunne. It's the same 'Sunderland £4m bid' story we've been hearing for weeks, but with a twist: a quote from Niall Quinn - Sunderland Chairman, City legend and Roque Santa Cruz of the 1990s. He said of his former Republic teammate:
'He is a player who is an excellent footballer but he is a Man City player until they say any different and we stand in a line but we are not the only admirers but if there is a chink of light we will get through it if we can. We probably need a few men and spirited people to lift what we have and of course Richard Dunne would fit the bill.'
It seems increasingly likely that Dunne will leave, which will be both a terrible shame and a necessary step in the right direction. But I'll have more to say when this goes through.

The other departure mentioned today will be less of a shame: widely reported news that Jô is to spend the 2009/10 season on loan at Everton. He's not the worst striker we've ever had at City, but he is the worst £19m one. It only took a few games and one mis-timed night out for Hughes to really turn against him, and from that point he didn't have a future at City. When it became clear that Hughes wouldn't be replaced by Frank Rijkaard - a man who did great things with lazy Brazilians - Jô's future was only ever going to be away from City.

Nothing really on John Terry. We all await his public statement.


Adam said...

Yep, poor Dunney.

Just think, he almost walked out on us last season after the SGE debacle and Hughes had to beg him to stay. One season on, the club has been bought by billionaires, trying to sign Terry and Lucio so Dunney finds himself surplus to requirements.

It's a funny old game.

To be fair though, Dunne had ample opportunity to establish himself in the team last season. However, he cost us a lot of points and subsequently, his place in the squad.

Anonymous said...

still think dunne should stay for the sake of continuity. he can still remain in the squad and put competition on the first choice pairing at the back. happy to hear us being linked with the spanish striker Guiza, he was used late on in all the Euro matches and looks a poweful and effective player. perfect competition for Roque. he would make up a great quartet with Bobby B, Tevez and Roque!