Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Shifting balance

Today's arrival means that we now have two Argentine internationals in the first team squad. The departures of Glauber and Jô bring the number of Brazilian internationals down to two. And with rumours of Elano's departure to the continent continuing, the Argentines are soon to be the dominant bloc in City's South American contingent.

Like many City fans, I've spent the last year watching the Seleção as they moved towards World Cup qualification and won the Confederations Cup. But, presuming Elano's going to leave, by the end of the summer City will have twice as many Argentines as Brazilians. And so my allegiance will have to change accordingly. As will the flags and replica shirts at CoMS. It could be fun actually - Diego Maradona's making a terrible mess of qualification, and they have massive games against Brazil (h) and Paraguay (a) in early September.

UPDATE: Carlos mentions his friendship with Pablo Zabaleta on the official website:

"It was important to speak to Pablo, and he talked in a wonderful way about City - it was good to be able to get his input. And Diego is very happy and very supportive of my move. He wants his players to be happy at their club."

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