Saturday, 11 July 2009

Another Johnson recovery claim

Mark Hughes has told the official website that things are looking up for Michael Johnson:

“It has been a real frustration for Michael and for us but he has worked hard through the summer and is in much better shape,” revealed the manager.

“The main thing is hopefully keeping him pain free which was the concern last year when he was always getting niggles that held him back. He is very positive at the moment and hopefully he can have a good pre-season, clear of injury and he will be an option for us...

“Hopefully we have now got to the bottom of the problem and he is more confident that his body will stand up to the rigours of Premier League football. Hopefully he is clear in his own mind that he is over the injuries.”

I'd love Michael Johnson to be fully fit. I'm convinced that of his generation of Academy players (those born between 1986 and 1989, let's say), Johnson is the most naturally gifted. Even ahead of Sturridge and Ireland. Back in 2007 he showed flashes of real class - but has barely played since.

Hearing that he's on the way back is obviously good, but like both of the Bozhinov comebacks, positive statements from the club often seem to be a means of re-assuring the fans than a genuine sign of recovery. We've heard this sort of thing so many times in the last year or so - with only an hour or so of reserve football in the spring to show for it. Until we see him on the pitch, a bit of scepticism is in order.


Wigan Blue said...

I find it hard to believe that a professional footballer can't play through 'niggles', and that raises the issue of whether he can be bothered. Asa Hartford played with a hole in his heart, and Bert Trautmann played with a broken neck for godsake!

It would be nice to see him make the effort, but I won't be holding my breath...

Elby the Beserk said...

Too much football too young.