Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gelson unveiled

For those of you interested in these things, Gelson Fernandes will be wearing 'Gelson' rather than 'Fernandes' on his back next year. For a picture of his unveiling, alongside Premier League failures Alain Perrin and Damien Comolli, click here.

I know who I'm supporting in Ligue 1 this season.


Dr Skinback said...

"I know who I'm supporting in Ligue 1 this season"

I recognise that it's a throwaway comment - and I did laugh - but this goes on all over the globe and it's exactly what our owners are banking on to sell millions of shirts on the strength of Tevez, Robinho and whichever African we end up with (seemingly not Eto'o). I live is Aussie and that's how the everyday supporter operates over here. "Oh I supported Manly last year but I think I'll go for the Titans this year" (Rugby league)

SR said...

Orrrrr, how cute! Sako has got a little hat on.

tom goulding said...

failure? did you not watch the two first half performance Gilberto made for Spurs in the UEFA Cup having been bought by Comolli? He was brought off at half time in both