Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sky Sports: New £19m Lescott bid

Inevitable, really.

I imagine that Everton will hold out for more. At what point do we look ridiculous? £23m?


Anonymous said...

Whilst we might appear slightly ridiculous, especially to our green-eyed competitors, the bottom line is that the money funding all of this activity is almost literally pouring out of holes in a middle-eastern desert and not adding debt to the club. Who gives a chuff? Our owner certainly doesn't! Someone who bangs $280MM into Virgin Galactic just for shits and giggles isn't going to sweat it over a couple of extra million for a defender that Hughes clearly wants to sign at almost any cost. Clubs simply aren't going to sell these players unless you make them an offer they can't refuse - simples.

Adam said...

I think £20m has to be the maximum we're going to offer. Even that is way over his value.

Hughes wants to break into the top-four this season at whatever cost. However, I am worried that signing Toure and Lescott would seriously restrict the opportunities of Richards and Onuoha and mean they are unable to fulfil their potential at the club. Just as the signing of Adebayor, RSC and Tevez means that Bojinov will probably have to go elsewhere to fulfil his undoubted potential. Just as the signing of Given has probably put paid Hart doing the same.

Breaking into the top-four this season might be at the cost of a home-grown backbone to the side.

I'd prefer for us to build more slowly but organically. I'd have stopped at Tevez, RSC, Barry and Toure.

Patrick said...

You would think that with all of these world class players coming in it would be the end of our youth?

Well actually that is not necessarily the case.

How do we make our youth players better? Well we should show them the bench mark? No not just show them but waft it about in front of their faces.

If players take to leaving it is usually because they are not up to the competition but otherwise they will raise their game and eventually they will break through.

They will also have benefited from the long hard slog approach rather than been given the world on a plate when really some of them are not up to the standard they think they are, well in their heads only but they need to commit 100% effort and these sort of players will either bring it out of them or cause them to shrink away.

I'm glad players like Caciedo, Boj and Hart are out on loan as this will make them better players and they may well return to continue their growth.

Lets not forget to sing the praises of Nedum and Stevie who both earned those new contracts this season.

I seriously think we are improving on all levels and creating a sustainable club for the future. Also looking forward to seeing Robinho's reaction on the pitch and looking forward to seeing Vlad break through this year - we hope!

All thanks to the Owner and The management team at the club who are doing an outstanding job.

United wish they were us boys and girls.... :) Even Ian Brown is on the verge of becoming a City fan ;)

Simon said...

It's now down to Lescott to ask for a transfer. It's slightly embarrassing that we keep offering an amount and keep being turned down - like a boy who keeps asking that one girl out over and over and keeps being told no. I agree with Adam - £20 million should be the maximum, and if Lescott is serious about joining the revolution he should make enough noises to Moyes to be allowed to speak to us. Until he does, I think we will continue to be rebuffed.

trinder said...

All very laudable sentiments but I think Hughes is a) intent on a second new centre back, and b) desperate to conclude his transfer business this week. He's got less than three weeks to tune this new defence. So Jack's guess of another £4m is probably closest.