Thursday, 23 July 2009

Papers: JT to stay

Bad news for those City fans who want us to sign John Terry tonight. Thursday's newspapers seem united in their reporting that 'Mr Chelsea' is set to stay at Stamford Bridge, and will negotiate a new contract. Particular notice ought to be taken of the reports of Matt Hughes and Ian McGarry, probably the best two newspaper journalists for Chelsea stories.

Matt Hughes writes:

John Terry has reached an agreement in principle to stay at Chelsea. The club will make an announcement in the next few days trumpeting the England captain’s decision to snub repeated advances from Manchester City before opening detailed talks on an improved contract when they return to London next week.

Terry has discussed his position with Chelsea executives on several occasions over the past few days, including a meeting with Roman Abramovich and Peter Kenyon, the owner and chief executive respectively, in Pasadena, California, on Tuesday, and been convinced that the club still share his ambition to compete for honours on all fronts.

And Ian McGarry:

John Terry will be staying at Chelsea.

SunSport can reveal negotiations on a new contract are at an advanced stage.

The Blues skipper, a target for Manchester City, will now see his weekly wage soar from £130,000 to £150,000.

An announcement is expected within 48 hours with Terry ready to break his silence over his future.

If those two aren't enough you can read it from respected London based reporters Jason Burt and Dominic Fifield. But this is very much a change of tack from recent reports, which all suggested that Terry was increasingly open to the idea of moving to City. Of course, none of this is official yet - so we shouldn't draw too many conclusions just yet. But, taking these reports at their word, it's another failed attempt to land a true superstar: after Kaká and Samuel Eto'o. Hughes has a long list of targets though - we'll just have to move on to the next ones.


Quester said...

I hope this is true! I so think JT is a complete waste of money (on the field) at this price, although I can appreciate the marketing ethos behind the bid.

What really bugs me though is that the press and the media will turn this whole thing around and make out that City have been rejected once again because they are "rubbish" Which is totally untrue - just like we have seen with the Eto'o incident.

trinder said...

I'll be glad if he doesn't sign. Terry is a brilliant defender but he was never worth the money, even when we consider what a statement it would have made. Chelsea fans will crow for weeks, too blinkered to see how he's treated them with greedy contempt for a month.

Rebel said...

I had read that City pulled out of both of those deals,Milan went piblic on the Kaka deal and Eto was stalling on His decision.By going after Terry it does show City's intent.Sign Lescott and combine Him with the other defenders we have.

trinder said...

Spot on Rebel. Onouha and Lescott, backed up by Richards, Kompany and Barry, would be more than capable.

ChrisR said...

I hope that the Terry deal falling through means we will go for a straight Lescott-cash deal, and leave Onouha out of it. I'd much rather see him at City than Everton (besides if he did leave, he'd no doubt end up being better than Lescott anyway, such is City).

trinder said...

Exactly. If we had to lose Onouha to buy Lescott, we shouldn't bother. It won't come to that, though, as Everton will accept a price sooner or later. Wasn't the first bid only £15m?