Saturday, 18 July 2009


Adebayor doesn't agree with my assessment of his reasons for joining MCFC:

“People who think that I have joined City for the money are wrong,” he asserted. “If I had made a move for that reason then I would have been playing for Barcelona or Milan last season. They gave me bigger offers than Arsenal did for me to stay.

“I am here because I was impressed by the way the chairman at City spoke to me about the ambition of this club. I want to be part of a club that is aiming to be one of the biggest in the world.”


Jeff said...

Neither does Arsene Wenger.

Daniel said...

Oh, good: let's have City fans pick up where Arsenal fans left off. He scored 30 his last full season. So he's had some 'attitude problems'. Let's not criticize him for being Arsenal's problem. Maybe I'm reading too much into your post, but it just seems a little too early to be criticizing Adebayor. Unless you're a closet Gunner. The criticism of Hughes by City fans for buying Adebayor is embarrassing.