Monday, 13 July 2009


It says alot about our proposed move for Adebayor that I have received gloating text messages from Arsenal fans since Sky Sports News broke the story earlier.


Philip said...

I suppose they think they are more knowledgeable about football than the likes of Adriano Galliani.

Steven McInerney said...

To be fair, he doesn't ring true with me either...

But then watch that. That was the season before last. You can't argue with the quality of the goals he's capable of producing. Last season he had a niggly season, and wasn't seeing eye to eye with the management or the fans due to the bad taste left over the whole Milan scenario.

As taht video proves, an on form Adebayor is a top top class striker. Though I do want to see Tevez/RSC/Robi/Boji as our strikers though. Ah well! We'll have to deal with it if he comes!

trinder said...

Jack, I'm very surprised at your unease over Adebayor. This is Africa's reigning player of the year, voted better than Eto'o, Drogba, Zaki and Essien for 2008. He's got all that Santa Cruz possesses, plus pace. He's scored all sorts of goals against the big sides. He and Tevez would be a superb big man, little man combination.

Jeff said...

I couldn't care less what bitter Arsenal fans think. They are going out of their way to find Man City sites to voice their pleasure in all of this. What were they saying when he scored 30 goals?

trinder said...

Exactly Jeff. They're acting just as Villa fans did when Barry left, Utd did after Tevez and, shame to say, plenty of City fans did after Sturridge.

My Chelsea mates used to draw special pleasure from their club putting other fans and managers' noses out of joint. So far this year, City have pissed off most of the important ones:
Ancellotti - Kaka and Terry
Benitez - Johnson and Torres
Ferguson - Berbatov and Tevez
O'Neill - Barry
Wenger - Adebayor and Van Persie
Guardiola - Eto'o

There's still time for Pelligrini, Moyes, Mourinho, Spalletti and a selection of other Serie A coaches.

tom goulding said...

i love that youtube vid, just for seeing him dance after his goal in the CL QF L2 against Liverpool. His face when he turned around 60 seconds later :D

tom goulding said...

trinder - and Levy/Redknapp when you come running for Gilberto and Kevin Prince-Boateng