Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tévez speaks of City move

In The People today:

"If I play for Manchester City I don't think the United fans will feel I am a traitor," he told The People.

"They have to remember that at least as far as I know I have been thrown out of the club and I have to study the best offers available.

"[Leaving] came about because I could not stand my sporting situation at Manchester United any longer.

I'd rather we signed Tévez sooner rather than later, but any lingering fear that we may fail to sign him is certainly calmed by reading this. I'm sure we'll get him, and sure that we will do so in this coming week. It would be nice if he could join up with the German training camp to get ready for our assault on the Vodacom Challenge.

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Anonymous said...

"O Ye of Little Faith"
In more years watching the Blues than I want to remember this transfer was nailed on.
Number one son had £40 on it at 3-1 as well.
Other fan's have asked me why....?
Well the mischief value alone is worth the transfer money.
It proves beyond arguement that we and not Uncle Alex at Owe Trafford are financially stronger.
Its a win win transfer for Eastlands and shows the debt ridden outfit to be running on empty.