Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Onus on JT

Thursday's papers are clear on the fundamental point about John Terry's proposed move on City: that if it is to happen, it can only be with Terry's direct and public consent. As Jason Burt puts it in The Telegraph:

In essence, Chelsea have put Terry in the position that if he is to be sold he will have to state that he wants to go – and force his way out of the club – which could require a written transfer request. Terry is understood to be interested, to some extent, in City's offer but is also torn because of his loyalty to Chelsea.

The outcome is unclear for exactly that reason; Terry hasn't made his mind up, and until he does there will be no public statement. So it's simply a case of sitting tight until we hear from JT himself. I'd still be surprised if this ended with a transfer to City though.

Personally, I imagine the most likely outcome is an equivocal public statement followed by a big new contract from Chelsea. Flirting with a new club is quite a common ploy to win better terms - think Frank Lampard with Inter and Chelsea in 2008, or Steven Gerrard with Chelsea and Liverpool in 2005 and 2004.

But this is only one of a number of possible outcomes, and as Terry's silence continues we can't just deny the chances of his coming to City out of hand.

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Patrick said...

It's an interestnig one this whole scenario.

At the outset I like everyone else raised an eye brw and thought what in the hell are we doing trying to lure Mr Chelsea himself?

But with a second thought we pan around and say "hey hang on a minute surely City have not just done this out of the blue" no pun intended.

Well the second thought takes on momentum when we think well perhaps they have not done it out of the blue perhaps they know something we don't

I know Terry was upset when Bridge left Chelski and I know he was fond of SWP when he was at Chelski.

Another point is that anyone in their right mind would have to be affected by the whole setup there at Chelsea and if he is as professional as we all think he is I guess he might fancy coming to a stable club for his final years and perhaps to make some more history for his country.

Chelsea has problems in that they have too many unsporting players whom I Guess will be no fun in the dressing room sometimes who are probably all out to get one another and the Manager for that matter. What 5 managers in two years I hear you say.

If I was Terry I would have had enough of the crap by now and I would relish the opportunity to move on to a club like us and to work under a Manager like Hughes who gets the whole British thing and appreciates british talent when he seas it if you ask me.

I hope it happens and I secretly have a feeling it might just happen.

He would be excellent for us and we would become very hard to beat with him at the helm and workign alongside his England compatriots in SWP, Wayne, Micah, Nedum and the quality that is only Gareth blooming Barry.

I think he has one on the England prize and he will find that City is the place to bring all his experience to the fore with some of the youngsters we have got too.

Love it! MCFC