Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Elano on his way out

Ian Herbert has an interesting story in today's Independent - that Elano has been left out of our Vodacom Challenge squad and could be set for a loan move to FC Köln.

There has also been interest from La Liga, with Real Zaragoza among the clubs linked with him. Elano thrilled Eastlands with his early displays under Sven-Goran Eriksson in the 2007-08 season but has lacked the work ethic to impress his succcessor, Mark Hughes. His public insistence that he warrants an extension to his current contract, which expires in 2011, has not helped either.

After a January in which there were suspicions the player's representatives were agitating for a move – Hughes was made aware of alleged interest from Lazio and Milan – Elano worked his way back into the side but competition at City is formidable.

Elano's departure had been long coming, ever since his strangely public contract spat. Elano demanded a new contract if he was to stay, Hughes said that he didn't need one. Once this had passed, it was clear that Elano would go.

I'm sure Hughes would like this tied up asap - as well as other departures - Evans, Ben Haim and Benjani are the obvious ones but I'd watch out for Etuhu, Logan, Caicedo and the Bulgarians too.


Patrick said...

I have to say I hope we keep Petrov, Bojinov and Caciedo as I think those guys have a lot to offer to the team.

As for the others you mentioned then I agree they are surplus to requirements.

I think we all have an affinity with Elano but the prospect of players potentially adding to the pressure that the team is already under isn't one I look forward to so therefore I wouldn't be overly upset should he leave the club.

As long as we have sufficient cover in midfield which I think we have now especially if Johnno continues his recovery.

Living For City! LFC

Andy said...

I personally think we should keep Elano as he is class and not only can pick out the right ball at the right time but execute as well......and I don't know of a better penalty taker :) I wouldn't be sorry to see Benjani or Caciedo leave and think Ched Evans will soon go. We need to strenghten the defence and the sonner TBH goes the better

Evan said...

We should keep players who fit the Hughes criteria...train hard,work flat out for the team,hungry to win,leave the money to the manager/have class....that's why Ireland and Onuaha are perfect...Elano/TBH(Blackburn)/Etuhu/Logan/Schmeikl(Sheff united0/Ched Evans(just not good enough needs Sheff united )/Caicedo(Sporting)/Benjani(Portsmouth) must go....

Anonymous said...

Andy, I have to disagree with you about Elano. He is a fairweather player and only seems to perform when the sun is shining. Between October and April he just can't be arsed to go out onto cold, wet pitches.

If FC Koln are the only club willing to purchase, where is the bid from Inter that was supposedly on the cards last season. He's good, just not that good.

AFAIK, Evans is on his way to Sheff Utd. for £1.5m

pjdemers said...

I have a feeling (well quiet hope) that the Bulgarians will stay with City for the upcoming season. Both Petrov and Bojinov certainly fit the Hughes profile. Both have excellent technical skill combined with tremendous work rate and appetite. Also I expect Hughes to run a squad rotation system as City increase player depth (something City sorely have lacked for years) to not only rest players but to vary tactics accordingly to the opposition.

While I'd be disappointed to see Elano go, if he does he has no one to blame but himself. An immense talent no doubt, but no player is above the club which is the reason I think he found himself locked out under Hughes for a period. In fact I'd argue that under Hughes he actually improved, increasing his off the ball movement as well as tracking back to demand the ball. His demand for a new contract with 2 years remaining demonstrates his ability to manipulate his popularity with the City faithful. A maneuver which I doubt which will improve his standing with management as a possibly disruptive force behind the scenes. While he has every right to negotiate a new contract he could quietly do so behind the scenes instead of feeding the mass media frenzy machine constantly surrounding City.

Now that I got that rant of my chest I do wonder if this is yet another ungrounded rumour. Didn't Hughes say that players competing in the Confederations would be excused from City's South Africa Tour?