Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sky Sports: New Lescott bid

As the Kolo Touré deal drifts closer and closer to completion there is news of progress on the second front tonight; Sky Sports are claiming that a new bid for Joleon Lescott is immanent - an increase on the £15m rejected last week.

I'd be surprised if we got Lescott for less than £20m, unless we're going to throw in Nedum Onuoha too. I'd rather we just paid the cash.

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Hemulen said...

If Johnson's worth £17m then Lescott's definitely worth £20m. I agree, pay it up front.

Never thought he would go for a minute, but was very glad to see Nedum sign up (as if he'd go to Everton!), as he was only behind Ireland last year I thought.

And I think Toure is a very good signing also. Get Lescott in and gelling issues aside (and there'll be plenty of those I'm sure), if we're in the mix in 6 months time, the January window's going to bery VERY interesting indeed...