Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Tévez: 'I hope to win many more trophies with City'

Carlos Tévez's first interview as a City player is in today's Daily Mail:

'The manager and the owners are very ambitious and that became clear to me the first time we spoke,' he said.

'This is the chance to be involved from the start, an opportunity to help build a special experience...

'There is a great feeling of excitement around the club. Look at the quality of the players who have been signed and the prospect of other top-quality players coming, too. Things are happening at this club.

'The owners made it clear to me that they will be doing everything in their power to make this an extraordinary club to play for. I look forward to being part of that experience'

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menino azul said...

i don't know about the majority of blues but this was a signing i was screaming for long before his wrangle with the rags. he may not score many goals but his effort for the team will be a welcome addition to our 'sparkyised' line up. i'm not just happy because it's one over the red half of town-it'll no doubt be shades of denis law if he scores in a derby...come on sparky let's shore up the defence now.