Monday, 20 July 2009

Return of MJ

Perhaps the only good news from Saturday's 2-0 defeat to Orlando Pirates -(NOT Kaizer Chiefs) was that Michael Johnson - who hasn't played first team for ten months - got forty-five minutes of football. His rise was one of the big stories around MCFC in 2007 but we've seen very little from him for some time. As the club moved forward, Johnson moved backwards and he risks being left behind.

So it's good to hear that he's playing again. Mark Hughes said of his return:

"I thought it was a good exercise for us, a lot of players had good periods, but a big positive was Michael Johnson getting through 45 minutes. We are absolutely delighted with that. I was really pleased with what he was able to produce in that time. If we can get him back at anywhere near the level that we know he is capable of then it's like an extra player for us this year.”

And Michael Johnson himself said:

"I feel pretty well, and I'm glad to get it under my belt," he declared. "It’s more fitness work which I needed, but I felt good afterwards and I'm just looking to get stronger now.

"I would have liked a bit longer in my heart of hearts, but 45 minutes was fine and playing was all I wanted to do. I just wanted to play myself into the game, I started slowly but I gradually got into it a lot more.

"I keep getting stronger every time I train and play and I just want to keep working at it. For the rest of the tour I just want to keep playing as much as I can, keep training and get fitter, that's what it's all about at this time of the year."


tom said...

"Perhaps the only good news from Saturday's 2-0 defeat to Kaizer Chiefs"

Erm Iam sure we played Orlando Pirates on saturday :S

Henry Crun said...

It was indeed Soweto's "other" team, Orlando Pirates that beat the second stringers on Saturday afternoon. City play Soweto's equivalent of Manchester United on Wednesday eveing.

JPB said...

Cheers guys.

jfell said...

The most concerning thing for me regarding MJ was Hughes' own comments...

"Hopefully he is clear in his own mind that he is over the injuries."


tom goulding said...

where are people's heart of hearts?

Henry Crun said...

Correction: City play Iwisa Kaiser Chiefs on Tuesday evening.

JPB said...

We should win - there are only five of them.