Thursday, 16 July 2009

Adebayor delay

Daniel Taylor writes in Thursday's Guardian that Emmanuel Adebayor has asked for some time to think before he completes his move to City:

Arsenal have accepted City's £25m bid and Adebayor has given his prospective new employers sufficient encouragement to organise a work-permit hearing at which the striker received permission to change employers. Adebayor, however, has concerns about being perceived as money-driven if he should leave a club that is hugely popular in Africa and go to one that has a much lower standing.

Although the opportunity to double his salary has an obvious appeal, Adebayor's preference was a move to Italy and he has asked City if they will allow him a few days to talk to his family and representatives before going through with a move that he believes could open him to criticism. The last year or so has been a difficult period for the 25-year-old, and he is acutely aware of how the public perception of him has changed for the worse.

Given that Adebayor - unlike Tévez at United - is first choice at Arsenal, the accusation of cash-chasing is fairer thrown at him than at our most recent signing. For this reason, the potential Adebayor move has a less exciting, slightly more vulgar feel to it than that of Tévez. It's why I'm not particularly enthusiastic about our signing him - nor am I about Terry, not was I about Eto'o.

I don't know whether I'd go as far as to say that I hope he pulls out - ultimately we must defer to Mark Hughes on these issues, and his assessments of the club's interests - but I can't say I'd be distraught if this doesn't go through. Tévez and Santa Cruz is a more than capable partnership for attaining our target of sixth, and Bellamy and Bozhinov more than adequate backup. Sometimes I think that Hughes is eager to accelerate our progress beyond just making improvements consistent with finishing sixth, but rather seems set on playing Champions League football in 2010/11. Fair enough, I suppose, but a bit of a change in emphasis from all the initial focus on stability, steady progress and evolution etc.


Scott said...

I appreciate your sentiments - as a gooner and a lover of the sport.

gunnerhead said...

You didn't mention Barry in your post. How do you feel about him?

Big clubs attract players who are first choice in other big clubs (that's assuming City are a "big club" now). You can't really judge players' motives accurately when they leave a team they're getting first team opportunities. They can move to fulfill a childhood dream (eg. Ronaldo) or move to be part of a club with history and tradition (eg. Ronaldo).

I don't mean City are a club without history or tradition but you've been short of trophies for a long time so if the only thing that will attract big players is money, so be it.

Slow and patient progression based on fundamentals and overall framework doesn't appear to be Hughes' chosen method.

N Rowland said...

They can also move to be part of a project. I think it's a good sign that he's pondering the move, and what impression it leaves on the fans. After all, he could just jump for the big money without any other consideration. Unless of course, he's just holding out for a few days to see what the Serie A clubs offer...

christopher said...

Buying too many players at one time can be very very costly... yes hes bringing some good talent into the team, but the negative affects can stutter any progress Man City have made so far.

With so many players coming in, expect some to want out looking for 1st team opportunities. The more loyal hard working proper City players might not take it well being dropped in place of all these big signings also. With expectations raised, i can only see City fans being very dissapointed come end of the season.

Sorry to say it, but my sympathy is with you and all the clubs who get taken over by these idiots. Hughes is just a puppet for the arabs money. Soon another puppet will be brought in, but the club will continue to be a billionaires little toy.

christopher said...

Im a gooner as well... and i am dreading this fat russian even having the possibility of making a bid to take over our club. City aint the only ones who spoil football.. Chelsea were behaving like idiots.. Real Madrid is a circus.. and Barca aint got no morales.

Just look at Spurs, they spend probably as much as anyone in the premiership on transfers (bent, Keane, Bentley, Defoe .. etc) where does it get them?

Money cant get you there, you need a plan and philosophy that works. Ask yourselves has Hughes got that?

Jonathan said...

Jack, completely agree with what you've said. Can't put my finger on it, but have similar lack of enthusiasm. Haven't been able to put it into words but yours is a pretty accurate summary.

Simon said...

I agree with the general feeling of distaste about this move. Especially now as he seems to have thrown his toys out of the pram and is asking for more money. I know he's a quality player, of the technical ability that should be the standard throughout the squad, but the attitude with which he is being presented does nothing more than re-enforce the majority of Arsenal fans feelings toward him. As the author has stated, if this move falls through I for one will not be disappointed.

Stephen said...

In response to Christopher's comments re "billionaires little toy" - I feel it is too early to make this, rather obvious, generalisation. What would it take to convince Christopher that our new owners are planning for the long term rather than the misinformed perception of City being a short term play thing? Maybe, the purchase of a local contaminated site in order to develop into a leading training complex capable of supporting the club for the next 20 years? Maybe the obvious action of backing (not sacking) a manager who clearly underperformed in his maiden season? Maybe the onboarding of leading authorities with the remit to develop the areas around the ground for the benefit of the local community? How about the focus and long term investment in the youth academy by increasing its catchment and allowing the man responsible for the academy over the past 10 years to head up this new regime?

Christopher, thanks but we don't want your symapthy. We want to be able to compete with you.

tony said...

Well written article as usual Jack, and a valid comment by Stephen.

Onwards and upwards.

Jeff said...

I'm not buying the story that his agents are "turning to United". They'd have to be complete idiots if they think that would get them ANYWHERE.

trinder said...

Good points Stephen, though I had to gulp when I got to the word 'onboarding'. One of the more telling displays of commitment is, as you say, the support for Hughes. He wasn't appointed by ADUG yet they are at pains to tell everyone how good he is. They keep the pressure off him by stating a target of 6th for this season. They support his transfer targets (Santa Cruz was surely not the fantasy signing they had in mind) and this season you can be sure they'll let him drop and release anyone who doesn't knuckle down, regardless of status.

I still think Adebayor would be a fabulous signing. I shouldn't be negative about Santa Cruz before he's played but if you compare on YouTube his 2006/07 season with Adebayor's, you'll see how much less a player he is. Santa's goals are tap-ins and headers; Adebayor's are that plus long-shots, dribbles, breakaways, acrobatics. His touch, athleticism and especially his movement and pace are remarkable. Stick him in a side where he's got real competition for his place, which for all Arsenal's brilliance they don't have up front, and you'll see the poor attitude disappear pretty sharpish.