Saturday, 25 July 2009

Cook interview

Ian Herbert's reporting from South Africa has been excellent, and today is no exception. He has yet another interesting interview - this time with Garry Cook.

The most interesting aspect, for me, is his discussion of the investment the club's owners have ploughed into areas aside from simple player recruitment: the offices, the training and medical centres, the website and so forth:

These questions and others have been answered this summer in an overhaul of Manchester City – a new ticket office with a roof to queue under, a £4m office block delivering City staff from below ground into daylight, a superior press room – which takes the Abu Dhabi United Group's spending on the infrastructure of the club to nearly £20m. The Premier League's most advanced website – City has employed experienced journalists on content, and attracted 20,000 fans to a free live feed of the fixture against Kaizer Chiefs on Tuesday evening – is the most ambitious new way of connecting. "Football has an anomaly to it where you kind of lay down all of the common sense values that you apply and it's pride and passion that leads you to your destiny," Cook says. "We want to improve the product and to connect with our customers." He has sold 50 per cent of season tickets online this summer, against a previous best of 12 per cent.

I must say that I have been very impressed by the new website. It's attractive, easy to use and has all the free multimedia content you could wish for. And streaming the Vodacom Challenge games was a great move.

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Jeff said...

Obviously the results weren't the best, but it was great being able to stream the games. Generally I can't stream anything without intermittent pauses, but that wasn't the case this time around. And I'm from the States with very modest bandwidth. Very impressed.