Friday, 10 July 2009

Jô back to Everton

Confirmation today of the news that Jô is to spend the whole 2009/10 season on loan at Goodison Park. For him to go back without even a second look close up from Mark Hughes shows how far he is from our long term plans. It would now be quite a surprise ever to see him again at City: he's contracted until 2012 but I can't forsee Hughes taking him back in summer 2010.

I know it pays to dampen expectations on big money buys but did anyone imagine that our then record £19m signing would only score one Premier League goal for us? Me neither.


jackblue said...

Another bad buy from the Thaksin SGE era.

alenty said...

I see we're now officially NOT signing Eto'o (see mcfc) and I must say I'm suprisingly relieved. Especially after unconfirmed rumours that he would take a pay cut to join the rags... He just struck me (despite being a superb player) as someone who could really upset the apple cart. We want dedicated winners like John Terry, not wideboy mercenaries like Eto'o.