Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mourinho backs City for title

The first serious person to do so, I think:
"Adebayor up front with Carlos Tevez - unbelievable! And they have Roque Santa Cruz and Robinho too. What a strike force! That's it, City are champions for sure...

He added: "It's not buying the title. You buy the players you think can do the job but you still need to prove you are the best - the best coach, the best team and that's tough and no amount of money can buy that."
Interesting enough, but it is worth bearing in mind that with Mourinho it's all mind games, all artifice. Whether he's trying to get at Ferguson, or (more likely) Benítez or even Wenger we don't really know. But it's not like he's a disinterested observer or anything.


Bluephill said...

I appreciate it's not your style to go bear baiting but is there any chance of any comment about Fergie's recent outburst?

Henry Crun said...

Bluephill, I've already done that over on my blog

JPB said...


1) Ferguson is fundamentally correct. The poster may have been funny, but it did betray a small-club mentality.

2) Ferguson only does mind games with teams he views as a threat or whom he wants to disrupt. If we'd still been bottom half he would have laughed it off.

3) The fact that Ferguson has decided to start mindgaming us is a sign that some of the big clubs are starting to take us seriously, and in that sense is good news.

Bluephill said...

Fair point JPB, the only thing I'd add is that I don't see how Fergie can call us with a small club mentality having read the interview with Gary Cook in Saturday's Inde. It's clear that we have a global agenda which we look set to fulfill so how can we be a small club?

You're right about the Tevez poster being a little childish but it's brought with it a lot of media attention crucial to expanding the 'City' brand whilst also strengthening the bond between owners and fans (and it's the fans that make the club).