Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Robinho pay details

According to The Times we're going to pay a decent amount of his wages if he goes back to Santos:

The forward is ready to take a pay cut of about £45,000 a week from the £150,000 that he secured when he became the most expensive player in this country after moving from Real Madrid 18 months ago. Santos are in talks with sponsors to help to fund about £35,000 of the remaining wage — three times more than their present top earner — with City expected to pick up the balance, about £70,000.

Apparently we're also getting first refusal on the next two 'new Robinhos', which I suppose could go either way.


Thomas said...

i read elsewhere. city are not happy about the deal, despite robinho talking to the press about it being 90%. Mancini doesnt want him to go, especially without a replacement!


I agree, it has no benefit to city whatsoever!

wizzballs said...

err.. hi, I can't work the 'block site' function after all.

several other papers have us refusing to pay a penny in wages

and robinho did say that money wasn't everything, that he just wanted to be happy. not a good negotiating stance!

jackblue said...

Surely City would be better making him stay put. if he really wants to be playing regularly in world cup year, then he will have to make the effort with us.

pjdemers said...

I have already stated that I think we should not send him out on loan let alone sell him unless he demanded a transfer. Even then I'd be reluctant.

We are sorely lacking creative midfield players so if nothing else he should not be allowed to go anywhere unless we have found another creative player with good dribbling skills and an eye for a pass.

I've heard it suggested that Ireland could be used as a creative MF but I am in agreement with ESPN City columnist Wallace Poulter that Ireland's game is all about making clever runs late into the box. Bottomline is we need a creative mf to unlock the oppossion in tight games. A confident Robinho is more than capable.

David said...

well said PJ, i wouldnt let robinho go anywhere. He is our player and we will make him stay, should be the stance!

if he sulks, then it's his loss!


StanMCFC said...

Off subject, what do people make of Ned's comments about seeing the mentality change in a very short space of time [referring to Mancini's arrival at club].

Jack, be interested in your views on this as I know you rated Hughes and were upset about his reign being cut short (as opposed to the manner of his departure that i think most of us agree wasn't well managed).

Da C.I.A. said...

This blogger and journalist from ESPN Brasil ( http://espnbrasil.terra.com.br/pauloviniciuscoelho/post/99255_MANCHESTER+CITY+NAO+PAGARA+SALARIO+DE+ROBINHO ) called to Santos'President and he said that Man.City will not pay any part of Robinho´s wage.

Ronaldo, playing for Corinthians and with special contract ( he receives some extra parts directly from sponsors ) has now R$600.000 monthly from Corinthians.
Corinthians has the higher sponsor contracts on Brazilian´s football today, so I think is almost impossible to Santos pay 100% of Robinho's wages ( R$1.750.000 on Manchester City ).

One more thing: Nowadays, Santos is only the 8th bigger brazilian club by supporters. Corinthians is the 1st.

Ângelo, SP, Brazil

JPB said...

Thank you very much Ângelo. Do you might Robinho might go to Sao Paulo instead?

Da C.I.A. said...

Robinho on São Paulo? No, I can not believe this, it´s more like a blefe than a real statement. São Paulo has much more money than Santos, but Robinho has this non-professional skill, past confusions, and also this identity with Santos´s supporters... Playing for a rival club ( São Paulo is the 2nd biggest enemy of santistas ) would turn his short time here in Brazil in a bad trip.

trinder said...

Robinho can take a pay cut or put up with the splinters in his arse. No way should City cough up for him to go home. If he's got energy to expend on getting a World Cup place, let him do so for reals or pounds, not a bit of both. Cheeky little rascal.