Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mancini: 'We have to play to win'

I don't know if this is mind games (it could easily be), but Mancini has said that we won't just sit back tonight and hit United on the break:
"I want us to start the game by playing high up the pitch and don't hold back like we did at home. We have to play to win from the first minute."
If we are going to do this then we really ought to be playing 4-4-2. And so it's a real shame that we won't have a fully focussed Emmanuel Adebayor. We've tried 4-4-2 with Carlos Tévez and Craig Bellamy at Molineux, and it worked well, but Old Trafford is a different proposition. Teams have gone to Old Trafford and attacked this year - and been successful - but you've really got to be bold. Trying to contain Wayne Rooney in the hope of hitting them on the counter is probably beyond us.


Thomas said...

aaaaaaaaahhhh. Cant handle the wait!
I know you think united will win, but i've got a cheeky thought that we will win this one!

CiTyBlUe said...

We can win this, Adebayor is well up for the Derby and I hope Toure and Kompany are partnering eachother with Onouha on the left to counter Valencia