Friday, 29 January 2010

Benji in Sunderland talks

The Benjani Renaissance was never going to last.

He is in talks with the strangely worsening Sunderland.

Mancini confirms:

"I spoke with him five days ago and he said to me that if there was the possibility to go and play he would like it," said the Italian.

"I said to wait, but if he wants to go and play that's OK. For a player, it's important to play. We have a lot of strikers and he will decide if he wants to stay here.

"I'm happy if he wants to stay here. I'm happy because he's a good player. In the next few days, I will speak with him again."

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trinder said...

He was never good enough for City. Too slow in mind and feet, a poor finisher and prone to injury. Had he not scored at OT (with his shoulder) he would have been slaughtered by the fans much sooner.