Friday, 15 January 2010

Birthday present

Today is Martin Petrov's 31st birthday. Happy Birthday, Martin, if you're reading.

What better present could the club give him than a new contract? He's probably earnt one.

And if he goes to one of our rivals on a free in the summer I'll cry.


jackblue said...

It's my birthday (65 going on 17) the day of the semi second leg. Guess what pressy I want lol.

StanMCFC said...

Agree Petrov deserves another contract, been one of our best players over past couple of years (just a shame been hampered by injuries). Def need him because he gives us real width and Craig's dodgy knee means he won't be playing every week (assuming RM keeps playing him as a wide midfielder).

trinder said...

Martin says:
Фойерверки Sparky любителска twat и професионална daffodil пиротехника Груп е job centre частна компания bin dipping.

Thomas said...

after todays showing he deserves a slap!