Sunday, 17 January 2010

Joe Cole on a Bosman?

There's a story in the Sunday Mirror saying that Joe Cole might come to City on a free in the summer, due to a wage dispute with Chelsea:

In the current economic ­climate it seems both United and Tottenham will find it ­impossible to match a City offer that would include a £5m signing on fee and wages of about £150,000 a week.

Those figures may seem ­incredible, but the fact the clubs would not have to pay Chelsea a fee, or any compensation, ensures Cole is the big winner from being a free agent.

It seems incredible to me. And it looks like exactly the sort of story that players in contract disputes have their agents place in newspapers. We might well try to take him on a free, but I would be shocked if Chelsea did not back down and pay him what he wants. This is the oldest trick in the book.


Anonymous said...

Certainly another good option to rotate with Bellamy considering Weiss may go out on loan.

Robinho is a complete flop, im sick to death and tired of him now.

Real Madrid obviously knew exactly what he was like and now we have found out exactly what he is like.

trinder said...

Cole is a brilliant player but I don't think anyone knows where to play him to full effect. Left-side seems most popular. I'd take him but only if the manager wants one or more of Bellamy, Robinho or Petrov to leave.