Saturday, 16 January 2010

Everton player ratings

Given Might just have done better with Pienaar's freekick. But made some other good saves to make up for it. 6

Zabaleta Did not mark his 25th birthday well. His habit of giving away needless free-kicks has finally cost us, as it was always going to do. I hope that he learns from this. Caught out a few times. Delivery in the final third generally poor. 4

Richards Against Blackburn we saw the best of Richards - brave, athletic, determined, commanding. Today we saw the worst. His decision to pull Louis Saha's shirt in full view of the linesman was staggeringly ill-conceived. Other than that he did ok. 4

Kompany A few good moments - he really is excellent in the air, and a few slightly dodgy ones too. Trying to clear the ball into Saha's shins six yards out is a good example. 5

Unlike most of the players he was not obviously terrible. Few attacking opportunities but after one early mistake he generally stuck closely to Landon Donovan. 5

Petrov Played on the right before coming off at half time. Came inside twice to shoot - hitting one very well and one very badly. Other than that he offered very little. 5

de Jong Very poor today, by any standards, and particularly disappointing given his recent excellence. He was bossed by Fellaini, and he couldn't lay a finger on Steven Pienaar. 4

Barry I have an increasing concern that Barry hides in big games. You can add today to his aberrations at Old Trafford and White Hart Lane so far this season. He was anonymous today, nowhere near the level of control and influence he usually shows. Looks in real need of a rest. 4

Bellamy Tried - with is more than can be said of some City players. Things weren't coming off for him, as they have not been for a while, but he didn't hide. There is a question, though, regarding the value of his playing ninety minutes so close to the semi final. I guess he won't play on Tuesday. 5

Tévez Moved after five minutes from his second striker role to lead the line. That, and a slight hamstring injury in the first half limited his effectiveness. Massive game for him on Tuesday, of course. 5

RSC Barely touched the ball before going off injured n/a


Robinho Another no-show on the road. There is no point in his even being in the squad of eighteen for away games. Deserved to be taken off. 3

Benjani Held the ball up well. 5

SWP The only bright spark on his return from injury. Willing to run and players, and beat them more often than not. Will be crucial in January. 6


Thomas said...

robinho was no worse than barry or petrov...get off the bandwagon!

CityShouter said...
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Benji said...

I have always defended Robinho in the past when I have felt he has been undeservedly made the scapegoat. But today we were up against it, physically, and as a professional footballer to go p***y out of every single f*****g challenge that comes your way is a disgrace. Don't even get me started on his transfer fee or wages. Even if he scores a hatrick against United at Eastlands on Tuesday - who do you think you are. You play for the shirt - or you f**k off!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Manchester City, Roberto.

trinder said...

This game was a case of one side being very poor and one side being very good, the result being a comprehensive defeat. Fellaini and Pienaar were utterly in charge after half an hour and get all the praise but I thought the whole lot played superbly.

Just look at Moyes' reaction; it was almost surprise at the performance. They won't reach that level again this season.

Rios Dos Santos said...

We were completely overwhelmed in Midfield.
Barry x De Jong were brilliant last few games but they where nowhere today. It's very worrying.. maybe that's why Viera is here. On this evidence we could do with more steel and option in centre midfield..

StanMCFC said...

This was always going to be a tough fixture, especially as Moyes had built it up as a grudge match.

Poor performance, but you have to say Mancini unlucky with injuries: Santa Cruz, Petrov and Tevez (apparently tweaking his hamstring). Just hope we are not weakened for Tues.

That said, we can hardly complain given all the players we've been able to buy in.

Even if Tevez is injured, Robhino (on paper at least) not a bad replacement and it really is now or never if he's to salvage his City career.

Encouraged at least that Mancini had the balls to take him off yesterday and hopefully that's the turning point, ie he starts putting in some world-class performances or he sulks and we get rid.