Wednesday, 13 January 2010

NdJ: 'Nothing is impossible'

The man who should be our captain (there's a post coming about that next week) speaks boldly:

"Of course the title is a possibility. Nothing is impossible," said de Jong.

"Though nothing is impossible, you have to work for it. You have to be realistic as well and remember this is only season No.1 for us after the big spending and we have to take it step by step.

"That's what it's all about at City at the moment, to try and make a difference between the past and the future. Right now you can see what's happening. Everyone is excited. It was a good performance against Blackburn and we've got to keep that going.

In one sense he's right. Seven points is not an insurmountable gap with eighteen games left. But this is City, so we should all calm down a bit. I'm looking forward to our next two games - Everton away and United at home - because I'm keen to see how Mancini's Man City will do against teams that don't suck.

But the transformation from chaos to competence over the last month or so has been remarkable, and we are in a much better position than I thought we would be at this point.


Thomas said...

agreed in every respect, on calming down and with dejong being el capitan!

although i think we are well equiped now to finish in the top 4.
We should be concious that although the teams we have beaten do indeed 'suck' we failed to beat others earlier this season like burnley who also 'suck'! We have done this without 3 of hughes 1st team defenders. I think that is impressive.

long live de jong!

Jon said...

The man who should be our Captain, that'll be Gareth Barry then.

NDJ is going to cost us dear sooner rather than later with his wild lunges at oponents (next week against Utd anyone). If you like sideways passing, wild tackling, and total lack of creativity then NDJ is your man.

I see NDJ as most likely to drop out of the team when Patrick Vieira is fit. NDJ is a bench warmer at best and not good enough to lace Stephen Ireland's boots.

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

Steven Ireland has proved this season to be largely ineffective. Where as NDJ has proved a hit, keeping the Chelsea midfield at bay. If any one loses out to vieira, it will be the Irish man!

NDJ as stats prove wins alot of ball and passes to blue shirts with a high frequency, keeping the midfield ticking over, he's not there for flair or creativity, that would be barry's role. Who himself has not shown a great deal of form untill recently!

if you like ill-considered nonsense jon's your man!

Blue Moon said...
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JPB said...

I think Hughes wanted Barry as captain when he came. But Barry is very quiet on the pitch, and not a particularly brave character. De Jong is captaincy material, though.

Blue Moon said...


Thomas is right Obviously you have not watched very many of our matches. NDJ's role is not to create, it is to destroy. Every team has a midfield enforcer, and he is ours. Next to Given, he has been our most consistent performer this year..

StanMCFC said...

On what evidence do you base your assertion that Barry is not a "particularly brave" character?

Really like NDJ but can see Barry being more of a constant in the team now that Viera has arrived. Personally would make Vincent Kompany the captain.

Danny Pugsley said...

I too thought Barry would be a logical choice of captain, but - and and as impressed as I've been with him - he doesn't readily strike as being 'captaincy material'.

Toure's form may have been improved prior to him leaving for the ACN hasn't been a stand out captain, and I've never been a proponent of goalkeepers as captains.

For me de Jong would be an obvious candidate - strong willed, committed to the cause, has the respect of team-mates and a player who should be a regular starter. The responsibility may even take away some of his more reckless moments that he is prone to.

David said...

fully agree danny! Garerth, atlhough a cracking english player, doesnt have the same gumption or grit and drive that de jong possesses! De jong is vocal in his his encouragement and dissatisfaction and leads by example!

Ironically Jon suggest Vieira will take De Jongs spots and he has little problem with that, despite Vieira being well known for strong, sometimes rash challenges to win the ball. A man who has a similar character on the pitch!

And yes, a goal keeper as a captain doesn't sit right with me. He has a role already organising the defence, but his influence finishes there!

thomas (although signed as david0

JPB said...

When I say Barry isn't a brave player, what I mean is that he doesn't always seem to play well in difficult circumstances. I think he's class but there are times in big games when the team is under pressure - the Old Trafford and White Hart Lane defeats spring to mind - when he should be a bit more noticeable, a bit more vocal, and lead by example. Good as I think he is he doesn't do this - and I think Hughes recognised this too - which is why I'm not sure he's captaincy material.

wizzballs said...

ndj has improved, no doubt. he is engaging the opposition further up the pitch and, perhaps as a result of our more considered approach in possession, he is making his passes stick.

can't make him captain tho, he's just not the 'bigger picture' sort. he's a tyro, a dynamo, willing to put his body on the line, but he is also a bit dubious tactically. gattuso was never captain of milan. it's the clever sod who gets the job. the influential type.

normally italians regard the captaincy as a ceremonial honour, and grant the armband to the player with the most appearances. the idea is that everyone has their role to play in organisation of the team, making a big deal out of the captaincy is an invitation for the other players to abdicate their responsibilities.

my feeling is that given was made captain to emphasise the importance of his role in distribution and defensive co-ordination. despite the overall performance and result, he had a bit of a mare on both counts, and will have faced a grilling in the de-brief.

frankly, who knows what mancini will do next... yet every decision seems to have a purpose so far. exciting times.

well done on avoiding today's non-story btw.

wizzballs said...

with regards to cooling our expectations.... it's more or less a fact that the top four start the season with the expectation of being in the title race.... how can you hope to finish on their level if you aim lower?

as for barry, his performance was the very epitome of understated effectiveness. a perfect display in the art of how to offer yourself and receive the ball whilst under pressure, then play it to a man in space. beautiful.