Saturday, 23 January 2010

Robinho linked with Santos loan

That's the transfer rumour in today's papers. First Mark Ogden in the Telegraph:

Although the two clubs remain some distance from agreeing on financial aspects of the deal, which would involve Santos paying a substantial proportion of Robinho's £160,000-a-week wages, sources at City believe a compromise can be reached.

Manager Roberto Mancini has been dismayed by Robinho's performances since succeeding Mark Hughes at Eastlands and he has informed City's football administrator, Brian Marwood, that he is ready to part with the player.

And then there's Neil Custis in The Sun, who says that Robinho will 'play his last game for Manchester City tomorrow', and that we are in talks with Barcelona and Santos.

I initially thought that Robinho would stay in January while Mancini had a look at him, but it does seem possible that he might leave before the window is closed.


Quester said...

What concerns me more is that we appear to be shipping players out and not getting any much needed reinforcements in. 4th spot is ours for the taking, but we need improvements in the Team to ensure that.

Justin said...

What is more annoying is the way he is treated. He can easily become an integral part of the squad, he proved this last year by scoring 14 goals, if anyone remembers.
However, he's being bullied out by a good part of the City fans, because he 'seems uninterested'. He was the one that was the first to arrive when Everton got a penalty kick awarded, now for someone who's not interested, that certainly would be an odd thing to do, no?

The thing with Robinho is, as I said on various other outlets, as well as to other people, he is not played the way he is supposed to play. Maybe a Craig Bellamy can defend and go backwards, but Robinho is not a Bellamy. Robinho is a striker/winger and he's always been like that.
I see great potential in a pairing between Robinho and Tevez, quick pace, good passing and nimble feet. However, Robinho doesn't get the time to play. He's rusty, because he only played a total of 2 matches, or something like that, which you can see on the pitch.

However, as soon as people see him play, they slag him off, which is just outrageous. Loved in the first season for scoring 14 goals and making an unbelievably powerful duo with Ireland, now disliked, because he 'seems uninterested'. Keep the lad and let him play, let him gain confidence, let him grow into the game and you'll see he'll do fine. Why would you want to get rid of a player like Robinho?

Thomas said...

robinho denies all in brazillian online paper.

pjdemers said...

I have to say I'm in full agreement with Justin. One of the ingredients we are lacking at the moment is a creative midfielder and Robinho has all the tools to fulfill that role and he may be best suited to playing in the hole, a position we've yet to see him play and Scunthorpe may be the perfect opportunity. Yes his defensive game is wanting but so what, that's why we have players like DeJong. To do the donkey work to free up our more creative players. Besides just because a player doesn't get "stuck in" doesn't mean he's hiding. He can still contribute defensively by closing down players and plugging the passing lanes.

I think its way too early to send him out on loan, let alone sell him unless he has demanded a transfer.

Thomas said...

i agree pj and justin, spot on, Robinho lacks confidence and goal, im amazed how quickly we jump on some players backs and not others!

Tevez was being slated on forums at the start of the season!