Saturday, 30 January 2010

46 hours left: Moses not coming to MCFC

Neil Warnock has said that Victor Moses is going to a Premier League club that isn't us:

"I think it's done. Victor is going to the Premier League and I think £2.5million is a snip for one of the best young players we've got," confirmed Warnock.

"Manchester City should have bought him ages ago instead of messing about, but another Premier League club have made an offer.

"I've spoken to a lot of managers over the last six months and one of the managers who should have taken him in the last window has come to his senses"

It's a shame. But I'm not sure a move to City is the smartest decision for a talented 19 year old right now. And if we really wanted him we would have bid £5million a few weeks ago.

But if we want a young talented English wide player based in the Championship this window we had better hurry up about it.


Benji said...

Premier leagues biggest teams can allow the smaller teams such as Wigan to snap up these kind of players. If they really are that good and produce it in the premier league, Wigan will lose him to a bigger fish.

Thomas said...

silly really, if we let benjnai go, we wont have much in reserve.

moses is a cracking player, i believe this to be a big miss, a that price.

Brian Marwood is the man behind these deals for johnson and moses. I dont understand the reluctance!

wizzballs said...

I think Mancini is reluctant to add any more strikers at this point. and I think he's right, even if we let Benjaknee go, when RSC is back, we have ample cover in all the forward positions. too many players in the first team squad kills the close competition between individuals for places.

more generally I am delighted we are keeping our powder dry. after the excesses of the hughes era, where we advertised our targets in advance of the window, then allowed the selling club to take us to the cleaners, it would be refreshing if this window passed with only a couple of low-key deals. the fans will hopefully stop waiting for the transfer market to deliver our biggest thrills and solve all our problems. the squad should be more settled, and we slowly undo our reputation for having more money than sense.

Rios Dos Santos said...

spot on wizzballs