Monday, 25 January 2010

Robinho: 'It's 90% certain'

More talk about his proposed move back to Santos, in an interview with TV Globo:
"It's all on the right track," he told TV Globo this morning. "Santos are looking at the duration of my loan.

"Santos want a year, but City want just six months. It's 90% certain. In two or three days it should be sealed."


CiTyBlUe said...

Great lad but not for City, hes one great Brazilian who just dont want to put the effort into becoming the best so will probably continue to flatline.

If he goes to Santos then we could well see a nice little deal come our way with a few of their players in return.

Straight swap with Neymar, with youth on Neymar's side we may just get a return on that 30 odd million.

trinder said...

If City can negotiate first dibs on Neymar and Paulo Henrique, this move will be even more judicious. Tim Vickery says those two are very special, and his word is enough for me.

Thomas said...


pjdemers said...

I am in full agreement with Trinder regarding Tim Vickery's assessment of South American talent. The man knows the game in South America inside out.