Thursday, 14 January 2010

Micah on Mancini

Apparently he told him that he can do well:

“He told me that I was a good player but that if I listened and leaned he would turn me into a great player,” revealed the England international who is currently enjoying a stint at the heart of the City defence.

“Those words were really encouraging but I know that it is down to me to work hard. I keep saying it but I am still young at the age of 21-years-old. There are aspects of the game that only come with experience and I am gaining that all the time whether I am in or out of the side.”

It's very easy to criticise Richards' attitude for his lack of development but I'm sure that the frequent turnover of managers and coaching staff can't have helped. For all his failings, I'm still sure that Richards is only a few years of top level coaching away from being a really excellent player. And it's possible that the Mancini/Kidd/Salsano/Carminati might just be able to succeed where Hughes/Bowen/Niedzwiecki failed.

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