Thursday, 21 January 2010

Our Cantona?

An intriguing comparison raised by Mark Ogden in today's Telegraph:

Cantona was Man United's missing link, the final piece in a title-winning jigsaw that had taken 26 years to complete. He scored decisive goals, injected charisma and became an iconic figure. His face adorned billboards (1966 was a great year for English football – Eric was born) and United supporters relished the delicious irony that he had come their way having been carelessly discarded by a bitter rival.

Eighteen years on and history is beginning to repeat itself at Eastlands in the form of Tévez. The 25 year-old might lack the regal presence of Cantona, but his two-goal performance in Man City's 2-1 Carling Cup semi-final first-leg victory on Tuesday emphasised just what he has added to City and what United are missing.

It's an interesting comparison and I think there's something to it. It might be pushing it a bit to compare our position pre-Tévez to United's pre-Cantona - we're a few years behind - but it is certainly worth reading. If we go on to win something in the next year or so then this will look very prescient.

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Thomas said...

I'm waiting for him to kick someone in the head! Then I'll compare!