Sunday, 24 January 2010

Robinho discusses exit

He's done an interview with Brazilian radio where he's said that he might well leave, and re-join Santos - as reported in the newspapers on Saturday:

"The whole board of directors [at City] has decided that the best thing is to loan me out," Robinho said. "It would be extraordinary to come back to Santos. Playing for Santos would help pave my way to the World Cup. It's my home, where I know everyone...

"The first thing to say is that it is a bad moment I am going through," Robinho told Rádio Bandeirantes in Brazil. "The managers are different here. They decide a system and want you to fit in and it doesn't matter if you're tall or short. The manager was honest with me. He told me I was just going to play every other game. I told him that wouldn't interest me because this is a World Cup year and I need to play...

"He [Diego, Robinho's former Santos teammate] invited me to be happy with him at Juventus," Robinho said. "I told him: 'Di, I think it's better for me to go to Peixe [Santos's nickname] and go back to Brazil."

So it looks like this just requires a deal between City and Santos to go through. I imagine this hinges on whether Santos are willing or able to pay a big part of Robinho's wages. But I do think that the key parties are all quite willing for this to happen. It's nice that his final touch for City might well be his sending us through to the fifth round.


Quester said...

But if he does go (and it is still only an "if") it is on a loan basis, so whose to say he wouldn't come back next season a great deal hungrier and willing to fight for the blue cause?

Ah well, one can but dream eh?

Thomas said...

mancini isnt keen on him leaving!

nor would i!

Da C.I.A. said...
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Da C.I.A. said...

On this link ( )you can hear the Robinho's interview to brazilian Radio called "Radio Bandeirantes". On the first link (...PARTE II), at 4:20, there is this dialog:
Milton Neves, Brazilian radialist asking about the today´s game "Against who today?" ( in portuguese "Contra quem é hoje?" )
Robinho: "Well... It´s a tournament like Copa do Brasil, and... man, I don´t even know the name of the team!"

So professional!
Ângelo- Brazil