Monday, 2 March 2009

Bozhinov's third debut

This was by far the most pleasing part of the game today. In fact, even had we scored an equaliser it probably still would have been. Six and a half months after rupturing his Achilles, Valeri Bozhinov returned to first team action. He only played five minutes or so - and didn't look great. But the reception he received on coming on was genuinely heart warming.

It was the Boleyn Ground, after all, where Bozhinov made his first debut in August 2007. After a knee ligament injury and return last summer, he ruptured his Achilles at Villa Park in August 2008. So how fitting it was that he should make his return on the ground where his whole MCFC adventure started.

We spent most of last season waiting for his recovery, putting pretty silly levels of expectation upon him. Ultimately, we were denied the return we so hoped for (until the ludicrous and corrupting Far East tour in May) and the season descended into failure. This year we're luckier - the August injury has, we hope, been sufficiently healed for him to play a relatively significant role in the season's end. He didn't make it back in time to save Eriksson. Can he save Hughes?

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tommytheblue said...

Can he save Hughes?

No pressure then!
Not sure what the merit of putting im on with 2 mins left was. 10 mins perhaps as a morale booster and enough time to make an impact in a game we were losing.

good to see him ready, rate him highly, is he ready for vila, prob not!