Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sport : City in talks for Villa

Catalan daily Sport has a piece today which claims that Valencia's Vice President, Fernando Gomez, has confirmed that City are in talks to sign David Villa. No official offer has been made yet, although we are thought to be willing to pay the €40million asking price. I'm wary of quoting anything from Google Translate so if any Spanish speakers could accurately translate the final two paragraphs and post them in the comments I'd be very grateful.

This is now being reported by amongst others.


jfell said...

I wait with baited breath to hear news from Guilem the Spanish Oracle.

Chris said...

here's a translation from Google:

As it has transpired in the last few hours, both players could make the bags at the end of the season. The Nou Camp is one of the possible destinations. But the boat must be on the lookout to prevent someone else ...

The Italian press on Thursday that Silva drew interest, and much, to Juventus, who see him as the ideal replacement for Pavel Nedved. And Villa wants one of the richest teams in the world: the English Manchester City, which is now the only ready to pay 40 million euros Valencia asks for it.

According to the Italian sports daily 'Corriere dello Sport', Valencia needs to do 'box' to address its difficult economic situation, and Juventus Silva hopes to incorporate a lower amount to 30 million euros demanded by the club che.

If the operation could not be done, the 'vecchia signora' alternatives arise: Frank Ribéry of Bayern, or Deco, Chelsea.

... City and Villa will

Moreover, the vice president of Valencia, Fernando Gomez has admitted that Manchester City has already begun efforts to sign David Villa. The first contacts were established recently and, although officially there is no official offer yet, only the City would be willing to pay 40 million for his transfer.

In addition, the striker would welcome the merger, given the good economic conditions to give the English club. In addition to FC Barcelona, Liverpool is one of the teams they have on their agenda.

Valencia need to sell their figures since late May due to a number of compliance credits nonnegotiable.

gavin said...

I think that this might be a 'non-story' where the tabloids have picked up a quote and re-interpreted the words to mean present tense rather then past.

If you look at the quotes then Valencia vice-president Fernando Gomez say that City 'had' (note past tense) met with them but disagreed on price.
This tallys up with January window stories that City had made tentative enquires about Villa and also comments from Hughes and Cook that they had turned down opportunities because clubs were asking for too much.

Not to say that it might not be on the cards come Summer though. Hopefully the new VP might inject some financial realism into their dealings before they go under.

Would love to see him at City. We badly need a clinical goalscorer on the books. The last time we had one was Anelka. Not sure this really improves the height problems up front though and I cannot see Bellamy and Villa playing at the same time. Really we still need a Santa Crux or equivalent to play with a Villa/Bellamy option.

My missus is a Valenciano so I will find out what her family and friends are saying about it.

Daniel Baker said...

I agree Gavin, could be a load of nonsense this, but if there is a kernel of truth in it then im delighted....a truly world class player and a finer striker you wont find the world over..

still doubtful this will happen, but how great would it be if it did?