Monday, 9 March 2009

How to finish seventh

Danny does the math:
West Ham are in possession right now with 39 points from 28 games, an average of 1.39 points per game. This suggests that this average over the final ten games will project a seventh place finish of 53 points, lower than any year since 2003/04 (and lower than our own tally of 55 points from last season of course).

With ourselves sitting on 35 points at present, this therefore means we will need a minimum of 18 points (or 6 wins) from our final 10 matches, a task not impossible given our home form of late, but will be difficult given our away form - particularly looking at our remaining fixtures.
Providing that we beat Sunderland, Fulham, WBA, Blackburn and Bolton at home that will leave us on 50 points. Meaning that we'll probably have to win at at least one out of Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, United or Spurs. Which is unlikely. So we'll have to win the UEFA Cup instead.


pjdemers said...

While on paper some of home matches should be easy wins lets remember Blackburn & WBA will be fighting for their lives so both those sides alone will be treating the match like a cup final. That said I still expect City to prevail especially as I am optimistic that the win against Villa will give us needed momentum we've been sorely lacking. I am actually expecting us to get at least one win and two credible draws on the road which I will address shortly.

The win against Villa impressed me for two reasons in particular. One, we can win and play just as well without Robinho as well as other regular starters and two, we finally saw a level of commitment that City have been sorely lacking too much. I'd also point out that players like Caicedo, while not putting in an eye catching performances, gave City an added dimension.

Caicedo did quite well giving City a physical presence up front, holding the ball extremely well under pressure and playing people into the game (don't agree, ask Elano). Yes he wasn't effective in the 2nd half but once we lost De Jong we started to hoof the ball forward rather than play it to Caicedo's feet.

So why do i think City can get something on the road? For starters we seem to raise our game against stronger sides. Against Chelsea I think Robinho will have an axe to grind as its clear he wanted to go there.

Against the Rags? not only am I hoping the players themselves will want to atone for their lame performance @ Eastlands, i think they'll be eager to prove themselves that City are serious with their ambition. What better than to spank the rags in the swamp and submerge their over-inflated ego's
as well as the Rag's supporters sense of entitlement.

Away to the Gooners? While they look to be finding their old way again, they allow teams to play so if nothing else they won't exactly be the most physically imposing side.

Everton? Compact and combative as always, their player injuries are worse than City's. Should talisman Cahill not be available all the better, especially as i think they're now quite focused on the FA cup.

Spurs? Again much will depend if they're safe from relegation. Like City loaded with attacking talent, their defense has not done them any favors all season. Again this is a game were City should come out the first 20 minutes on all cylinders looking to get the early goal.

Yes, we've been here before this season, thinking we've turned a corner only to be disappointed. I myself while a supporter of Sparky, I have always been pessimistic in my expectations. Maybe its high time we as City fans raise our optimism as well as our expectations. Lets truly get behind the team, whether we're at Eastlands or shouting at the TV.

Henry Crun said...

With West Ham's owner almost bankrupt, there's a chance that West HAm could be placed into administration and be docked 10 points. A shitty way to go above them bu them's the rules.